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Posted by Pamela on November 28th, 2013

Meeting the parents is never easy and it’s something we all face in any healthy relationship – it can be nerve-wracking to come face to face with the parents of your partner who you are keen to impress, while it’s just as difficult for someone you love to be introduced to your own family. These 5 celebrities have spoken on meeting the parents of their partner or introducing their other half to their own parents. Sadly, it didn’t always work out perfectly and there were some bumps on the road before everyone got on, while others bonded immediately and were happy with how it turned out despite the initial nerves that comes with the experience. Here is what these 5 stars have to say on the subject.

Ariana Grande


Ariana admits she was very nervous when meeting boyfriend Nathan Sykes’ family: ”I was very, very, nervous on the journey there as obviously I wanted them to like me because I really care about him. But when we arrived they were so sweet and lovely and so welcoming. I got on with them all really well.”

Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel reveals that meeting his girlfriend’s parents made him very nervous but it all worked out in the end: “It was a uniquely nerve-wracking experience. She wasn’t there. It was lovely but at the end of it I did have to ask, ‘Have I passed?”

Diane Kruger


Diane’s mom surprised her boyfriend Joshua Jackson and it didn’t go too well: meeting with my parents) and my mom says ‘Ah, wait I have something for you.’ She goes into the office and comes back with this folder of Internet clippings of Josh with his mugshot. She thought it would be cute to go, ‘So I see you’ve been arrested… at a hockey game. Who’s fault was it?’ You can imagine. We were there for three days, we did not speak for two. It was not good.”

Marilyn Manson


Back when Marilyn was dating Evan Rachel Wood, he met her parents and was told not to break her heart: “I’m not as bad in the way they’d like to think I am. But I’m bad in a different way. I found a strange ironic similarity with what her father said to me, and what my dad said to Evan, which was, ‘If you break his heart, I’ll kill you.’”

Poppy Montgomery


‘Without a Trace’ actress Poppy Montgomery was worried about bringing her boyfriend home to Australia for the first time: “I’m going back to Australia. My boyfriend’s coming with me. It’s going to be his first time meeting my family. I don’t know if we’re gonna be together in two and a half weeks. We’ll see how that goes. (My parents) are great until the liquor kicks in, and then all hell breaks loose. It’s drama and it’s like ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS at my house… They’re like brawling Australian bruisers. My boyfriend is from New Canaan, Connecticut and I’m taking him down for a good old bush Christmas.”

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