Thursday, November 28, 2013

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16-year-old Korean Entertainment Power List BOA ranked first WASHINGTON The U.S. financial magazine Forbes has just elected actress Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) is currently the most powerful man in Hollywood, the Korean newspaper Sports Seoul South Korea has recently announced the three most powerful entertainment industry ten celebrities,Moncler Outlet Online, results diva BoA ranked first,Belstaff Roma, while the first ten artists include Kim Hee-sun, etc., many famous director was on the list as the one-person enterprises BoA, total revenue last year, more than 50 billion won (about 300,000,000 HK $ 33,330,000), only 16 years old, she was the first success in the development of local and Japanese singer, South Korean popular culture in promoting credit lot. Followed by actress Kim Hee-sun,hogan rebel outlet, is the development of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other overseas markets, the vanguard, is also the arts sector representatives,hogan scarpe outlet, more news queen, said the newspapers extraordinarily high rate. Placing him rd Runner’s boy band god is exemplar of the same type of singer, launched last year, as many as one hundred field Human Concert,hogan shoes, successfully created a new performance culture in South Korea. Song Hye Kyo and her boyfriend Lee Byung Hun famous couple then share the fifth and six,Oakley Sunglasses, Joe sister with drama Endless Love captured the whole of Asia, recently won the Time Magazine interview; while Lee Byung Hun is known as showmanship and pizzazz No .1 actor Won Bin Jang Dong-gun shoot live row Bangwei Relatively surprising popularity in Asia is comparable with BoA’s Won Bin, ranked only 26, but the assessment that he was a national representative of male beauty, the economic value is also impressive, promising future. Won Bin starred with the movie Taegukgi in Jang, but ranked only No. 29.


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