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Oh No They Didn't! - #RichKids of Beverly Hills Stars Dorothy ...

Before you post your next Instagram, you may want to listen to Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart.

The #RichKids of Beverly Hills stars know a thing or two about capturing glamorous, highly liked pictures. Lucky for us, they were able to step away from their iPhones to share a few helpful tips.

"Our Instagrams show that we're really fun, outgoing, approachable, relatable, witty, funny…only good things," they explained in the latest video from their Fabuluxe Guide series.

According to the duo, it really does take some thought to make your profile the absolute best. "Not a heavy filter," Dorothy explained when it comes to editing photos.

Morgan added you don't need "an app that makes you look like a completely different person or your like 13 pounds thinner…We saw you yesterday for lunch. You don't fucking look like that!" Oh, snap!

Finally, what are users supposed to do when it comes to making their profile public or oh-so-private? While Dorothy completely believes public is the best policy, Morgan has her concerns.

"My Instagram was private at first because I don't feel the need to just let people stalk me all day long," she says.

Jonny Takes On Haters!

On his close relationship with Dorothy:

“I’ve known Dorothy for about six years. How do you describe six years? Honestly, the way to describe it is that we’re sisters. We just really are sisters. We go through the good and the bad together. We fight like crazy but you won’t really see us fighting that long.”

On how he handles dealing with the controversy:

“I think I handle myself well because I’m the kind of person, to be honest, who doesn’t give a shit. I know it’s bad, but I’ve always been that kind of person where people are goin to say what they want to say and do what they want to do. You can’t let it affect you.”

On coming out
“I came out at the age of 16 and I was actually outed by a friend. I told someone in high school, who I thought I could trust, and she ended up telling pretty much the whole entire school. Because I grew up in such a small town of like 5,000 people, I didn’t want my parents finding out unless it came from myself. So although I wasn’t ready to tell them, I felt like I had to. I was so fortunate that when I told my parents it was more like ‘We love you. We don’t care about that and we want you to be happy.’”

On his love life:

“I am single, ready to mingle. I’ll fly to Midwest for it too. A meat and potato fed man? That’s my kind of man.”

...So are you into bears then?

“I guess I am kind of into bears… just nothing too hairy. I guess a groomed bear is what I’m kind of into. I like a man with chest hair — I mean I have chest hair. I don’t like anyone too waxed or coiffed but then again I don’t like tons of back hair. If it should be waxed, it should be waxed. I keep my things very tight.”

On whether he’d date someone with no money:

“Are you joking? That’s happened ten times over! I’ll go out with someone I fall in love with and they could be broke as a joke, but that’s not going to stop me from dating someone.”

On hobbies:

“I love to travel. It’s my favorite thing to do. So if I’m not writing or working, it’s usually because I’m traveling and that gives me my inspiration. And I’ll be honest, I’m not backpacking honey. That’s not happening for me.”

On biggest recent splurge:

I just got a new car today. It’s a CLX550 Mercedes. And it’s actually the first car I’ve purchased on my own so I’m very excited.”

On celebrity you compare yourself to:

“Ah! This is the hardest question. I’m going to go with, right now because of my mood… Jennifer Aniston. [Laughs] You wanna know why? Because she had a hard time with love and I’m kind of going through that right now. She’s got a good career and she works really hard. It took her a long time to get started but then she broke. And that’s kind of where I am too.”

Anything you want to say to haters of rich kids in general?

“Fuck off.”

Brendan Visits Plastic Surgeon For Balding Head

The star took time out of his busy work schedule to pay a visit to the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group Tuesday afternoon.

Joined by two professional doctors, the 25-year-old inferred he was getting his hair looked at during the appointment.

"The perks of going bald @Drpay @plastixdocs," Brendan said as he posed in the office with his thumbs up. Don't worry, no selfies were attempted during this visit.

The doctor's appointment may not come as a complete surprise to fellow cast member Morgan Stewart.

In her blog, Boobs&Loubs, Morgan revealed her boyfriend's plan to prevent hair loss.

"I'm off to the hair restoration DR with my boyfriend who seems to care that he's prematurely balding," she wrote in a post from January 2014. "Like I was over that week three. #JasonStatham."

Looks like someone is happy with Brendan, just the way he is!

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