Friday, February 14, 2014

Revealed: Jennifer Aniston and Fiancé are 'barely communicating ...

Best of Friends: Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox - pictured here at Soho House in 2007 - celebrated at the West Hollywood private club on Tuesday night for Jen's 45th birthday

‘They're barely communicating right now and plans haven't advanced at all this year. Justin is in New York, Jen is in California and they've rarely seen each other since the start of the year.

‘Jen is furious at Justin over his passivity on the wedding and there have been more than a few arguments on the subject recently.

‘She feels like he's broken his pledge to be more proactive when it comes to wedding planning- he consistently won't finalise agreement for a date and 18 months after they got engaged, she just feels he's been doing less than ever.’

Meanwhile, the friend added, laid-back Justin would be have been happier if Jennifer had agreed to elope with him, as he had first asked her in 2011.

The couple were not even together to mourn the loss of their good friend Philip Seymour Hoffman following his tragic heroin overdose, with Justin recently in negotiations to work with the actor.


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